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Project Update

Preferred route identified for Segment 5: Tundra – Harvest Mile

December 20, 2022

NOTE: We are aware that the mailer announcing the Segment 5 preferred route incorrectly displayed the locations of Ramah, CO and Simla, CO. We apologize for any confusion or concern this may have caused.

You may view a corrected version of the Segment 5 Preferred Route Announcement mailer on our Library page.

Transmission Line Routing Update

Xcel Energy has identified the preferred transmission line route for Segment 5 (Tundra – Harvest Mile) of Colorado’s Power Pathway. The Segment 5 preferred transmission line route follows the previously identified preferred transmission line route links east and then north from the Tundra Substation in Pueblo County to El Paso, Lincoln and southern Elbert counties. Please review our interactive project map below to view the preferred route location.

In Elbert County, the newly selected preferred transmission line route continues north to parallel Colorado Highway 86 west, a gas pipeline toward the northwest and an existing electric transmission line north to the county line. A portion of the preferred transmission line route in Elbert County includes transmission route links previously eliminated from consideration. These transmission route links were reconsidered based on public feedback. These options for the preferred route will reduce construction impacts while meeting project engineering and design requirements.

A portion of the preferred transmission line route in Arapahoe County has changed to use alternate transmission route links that head west and then north to connect with the previously identified preferred transmission route links along East Quincy Ave.  

Xcel Energy land agents will contact landowners within the Segment 5 preferred route to discuss the purchase of easements on their land. 

Transmission Line Routing Process

Over the last year and a half, Colorado’s Power Pathway used a multi-step process to identify the Segment 5 preferred transmission line route. This began with the identification of a 20-mile-wide study area, which was narrowed down to a focus area. Preliminary transmission line route options were then identified within the focus area and presented at our first round of public open houses in fall 2021. We evaluated feedback received about the preliminary transmission line route options and incorporated it into our routing process before presenting revised transmission line route options during our winter and spring 2022 public open houses.  

Based on stakeholder feedback, we recently evaluated potential additional route options in the Eastern Review Area to determine if there was a viable option further east that would draw more landowner and public support while also balancing technical routing considerations. Members of the public, landowners, jurisdictional representatives and other interested stakeholders have been involved in every step of the process. 

Substation Siting Update

The Substation Siting Area in Crowley County has been eliminated from further consideration. The Substation Siting Area in Pueblo County continues to be evaluated and a site will be identified if determined to be needed. 

Permitting Activities

Land use permitting activities are underway for Segments 1, 2, 3 and 4 and approvals have been received in Morgan, Washington, Kit Carson, Cheyenne and Kiowa counties. Segment 4 and 5 land use permitting activities are anticipated to begin in early 2023 in Arapahoe, Crowley, El Paso, Elbert, Pueblo and Lincoln counties. We encourage landowners to participate in the land use permit processes managed by the cities and counties that govern the permitting processes. For more information on public hearings and types of permits required, visit our Permitting page at 


Interactive Project Map

Click and zoom in on the interactive map below to see detailed views of Colorado’s Power Pathway segments. Learn more about each segment on the Project Description page.

Preliminary Transmission Route Link Status

The map reflects our latest routing analysis:

  • Green dashed line – Preferred transmission route link
  • Blue line – Permitted transmission route
  • Orange dashed line – Alternative option to a preferred transmission route link
  • Red dashed line – Link removed from consideration
  • Brown line – Previously considered transmission route link
  • Solid dark and light red lines – Township and section boundaries (these are not transmission route links)

Additional revisions may be posted; please check back as this map will reflect the most up-to-date information.

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