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Routing Update

July 8, 2022

Xcel Energy continues to make progress identifying the preferred transmission line route for Segment 5 (Tundra – Harvest Mile) of Colorado’s Power Pathway. We have received a large amount of feedback from landowners and other stakeholders on Segment 5 route options which we continue to review. Based on this feedback, we are now evaluating potential additional route options in eastern Elbert County and western Lincoln County.

A preferred transmission line route has not been finalized, nor have we stopped considering existing Segment 5 route options in Pueblo, El Paso, Elbert and Arapahoe counties. A single, preferred route will be identified after the potential additional route options are evaluated. We anticipate this evaluation to be complete in fall 2022.

Interactive Project Map

Click and zoom in on the interactive map below to see detailed views of Colorado’s Power Pathway segments. Learn more about each segment on the Project Description page.

Preliminary Transmission Route Links

The preliminary transmission route links depicted on the map reflect our latest routing analysis:

  • Green dashed line – Preferred transmission route link
  • Orange dashed line – Alternative option to a preferred transmission route link
  • Red dashed line – Link removed from consideration
  • Yellow line – Preliminary route link that will be narrowed down until a single preferred route is identified
  • Solid dark and light red lines – Township and section boundaries (these are not transmission route links)

Additional revisions may be posted in the coming weeks; please check back for the most up-to-date information.

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